Welcome to a unique music theory examination syllabus: one that is designed specifically for students of Popular Music.

Regardless of which instrument you play, and whichever style of popular music you like, if you have any interest in learning about the musical foundations of popular music & then this syllabus is for you!

  • These examinations offer a comprehensive and structured approach to studying the theory behind playing popular music.
  • Students of popular music can gain internationally recognised qualifications that are equivalent in stature to those available in the classical music education field.
  • The emphasis within this syllabus is upon the musical knowledge and information that you need in order to improve your playing, in all styles of popular music.

Making Theory Relevant And Practical

A comprehensive course handbook is available for each grade. By studying the syllabus and working through the accompanying handbooks, you'll learn about keys, chords, scales, rhythms, harmony and improvisation as well as developing a broad musical knowledge (including instrumentation, musical terms and the history of popular music).

All topics are covered in a way that is directly relevant to the music you play, and the syllabus focuses very much upon how to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical music-making context.

Improve Your Musicianship AND Gain A Qualification

With nine examination levels available, the syllabus and handbooks cater for all instrumentalists and vocalists at every level: from beginner to advanced.

Studying this syllabus will help you gain the relevant musical knowledge to enable you to improve your musicianship and level of musical awareness. It also provides you with the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised qualification which can act as a valuable foundation and access route to higher education.

Working through this syllabus will give you an in-depth understanding of all the important aspects of popular music. Put simply: it will make you a better musician.

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