1. This syllabus is valid from 2014 until further notice.
  2. Examination entries for Popular Music Theory are accepted only on original entry forms - standard LCM entry forms are NOT valid for Popular Music Theory examinations. A specially stamped examination entry form is supplied with each official Examination handbook - one of which is published for each examination level. Each handbook contains all the information required for the grade. In order to ensure that, before entering the examination, all candidates are fully conversant with the exact requirements of these new examinations the acquisition of an Examination Handbook is the only method of obtaining a valid examination entry form.
  3. Entry dates: Written grade examinations are held twice a year (normally in June and November). Exact examination dates are printed on the examination fee list each year. These dates are fixed worldwide and written examinations are only held on these exact dates, consequently no alternative examination dates can be offered under any circumstances.

    Completed entry forms, together with full fees must be submitted on or before the following dates:

      For Summer examinations:  1 May
      For Winter examinations:     1 October

      N.B. Entries submitted by Fax will not be accepted

  4. Late entries: These may be accepted up to seven days after the last date of entry. Each entry must be accompanied by the current late fee for each candidate. No entry will be accepted if it is received at a later date.
  5. Examination Centres: Examinations are held at LCM centres across the UK and overseas. In addition, examinations may be held at schools, colleges and private teaching studios by prior arrangement.
  6. The right to postpone or cancel the entry of any candidate is reserved. Entries are accepted subject to the regulations stated in this syllabus.
  7. Entry fees: A list of current examination fees is printed each year. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to RGT@LCM. Fees cannot be refunded, nor entries postponed to a later examination session. Candidates not attending examinations for which they have entered, for any reason whatsoever apart from illness, will forfeit their fees
  8. Absence through illness: If a candidate is unable to attend an examination, a medical certificate (dated no later than the day of the examination) must be sent to RPL@LCM immediately. The candidate will then be permitted to re-enter for the same examination at the next session on payment of half the current fee.
  9. Substitutions: Only candidates officially entered will be accepted for examination, and substitution of a candidate in place of a candidate originally entered will not be allowed.
  10. Transfers: Transfer of candidates from one centre to another will not be considered unless there are exceptional circumstances which have been approved by the in writing. An administration charge will be made.
  11. Examination Appointments: An Attendance Notice detailing the date, time and venue will be issued to each candidate or their teacher (if the teacher's name is given on the entry form). This should be retained until handed in on the day.
  12. Examination Results: A written report will be compiled for each examination. This together with the result will be sent within 12 weeks of the examination date. Certificates for successful candidates are normally dispatched within three months.
  13. Examinations are open to all persons irrespective of age, and candidates may enter for any graded examination without having taken any preceding examination.
  14. No one, other than the candidate(s) and the invigilator(s), is allowed into the examination room.
  15. Formal complaints and appeals procedures: A candidate may appeal against a decision of the examiner(s) on the following grounds only:
    a) that there were special circumstances which might have adversely affected examination performance, details of which were submitted at the time of entry but which were not made available to the examiner.

    that there was evidence that the examinations were conducted in a way that was not in accordance with the regulations as published (e.g that the method(s) of assessment and/or examination differed in a significant manner from that set out in the current syllabus).

    Appeals: A formal marking scheme based on fixed assessment criteria, together with a system of moderation/double marking of a number of papers, ensures that marking is consistent and that results are reliable. However, on written request, upon submission of 50% of the current examination fee, the paper will be re-marked. If a marking error is found this fee will be refunded.

  16. Special Needs: RPL@LCM should be made aware of special needs at the time of entry by attaching to the entry form written evidence of the candidate's condition and any special requirements. Written papers may be enlarged and/or printed on different colour paper if requested at the time of entry. Candidates requiring coloured paper should specify the preferred colour. Dyslexic candidates will be allowed 25% extra time for written examinations. Please advise in advance of entry if wheel-chair access is required so that the most suitable venue can be selected.
  17. It is the candidate's responsibility to have knowledge of, and comply with, the current syllabus requirements. Where candidates are entered for examinations by teachers, the teacher must take responsibility that candidates are entered in accordance with the current syllabus requirements, Failure to carry out any of the examination requirements may lead to disqualification.
  18. Where changes to the syllabus take place, RPL@LCM cannot accept responsibility for informing candidates and teachers of such changes except through Forte (the LCM Examinations Newsletter) and the normal reprinting process.


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